A good system is the one which is dynamic and adaptable to the changing times.

We practice a unique IDEA model, which allows sharing, discussing and developing ideas, originating from various sources and perspectives.






Whether you are part of the system, a veteran trying to adapt or just an enthusiast trying to understand and help the process of medical health, we want to hear from you. Because no idea is a bad idea.

Present your concepts or queries on a platform open and accessible to doctors, professionals, patients and other stake holders and let’s get cracking.

Based on impact and consensus, the relevant ideas are taken up for discussion. We interact and assess these ideas on the basis of pros and cons, feasibility, relevance and application, in an open manner.

Once an idea has been deemed beneficial, relevant and feasible, we move towards figuring out how it can be adapted for the UNITE system. A good idea must also be sustainable, affordable and technologically achievable. We evaluate every aspect of the issue in order to develop tangible solutions.

A completely fleshed out idea goes to the next level. The idea is converted into goals, a task is generated and specific resources are assigned for the task. We constantly monitor and update the task status and results.




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